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Baby Monitor

You can’t sit at your baby’s bedside all the time but with Time2 you can keep a reassuring eye and ear on your little one and talk to them no matter where you are. You can also receive instant alerts if your baby coughs or cries.
Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors

Live baby monitor

Using your smartphone or tablet you can see and hear what your little one is up to, in high quality HD video and audio.

Sophia, Time2’s small and elegant static wifi baby monitoring camera, can sit unobtrusively on a shelf or even hang off the ceiling, while her more dynamic sister Olivia can also rotate and tilt so you can see virtually every part of a room. If your little one moves around a lot in the bed or cot, you can adjust Olivia to keep baby centre frame.

Day and night monitoring

Sophia and Olivia work round the clock, automatically switching to infrared night vision when it gets dark, with visibility up to 10 metres away, so you have a clear view of your baby throughout the night.

Keeping a record

Sometimes baby will do something important or wonderful that’s captured on camera. Because Sophia and Olivia can record up to three weeks of HD video and audio*, you can play back those first steps or that first “mama” or “dada”, keep them for posterity and even share recordings with relatives on their devices, with your permission.

Instant alerts & Two way sound

If baby wakes and coughs or cries, you can receive instant alerts, even when you’re asleep, and pop in to see that everything’s alright.

As well as listening through Sophia and Olivia, you can also speak. If baby wakes, you can talk or make soothing sounds though your phone or tablet, on your way to see them.

Mobile baby monitoring

Using Time2 security cameras and Clan, you’re not restricted to monitoring your baby only at home. If you’re staying with relatives or in a holiday home, you can take Sophia or Olivia with you and set them up there, provided you have wifi. Setup on the new network is so easy it will only take a couple of minutes to give you all the reassurance you have at home.

Part of Clan

Because they’re part of Clan, Time2 cameras can do much more than simply keeping watch. Movement or sound alerts can automatically trigger other home appliances to respond, such as adjusting the lighting in your baby’s room. And as the Clan family of devices grows, so will the options, such as alarms and remote control locks.

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See What Works With Clan

Time2's family of simple yet clever, connected devices includes our Home Alarm System, indoor and outdoor home security cameras, smart bulbs and smart plug. Each works perfectly on its own - and because they're all part of Clan they can also work together, managed by you through the Clan at home app.  

clan Cameras

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