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Interest-Free Monthly Payments

Use your Credit or Debit Card to pay by interest free instalments with ClearPay. Available on all UK orders between £50 and £450.

How It Works

Select ClearPay as the payment method during the checkout process on purchases between £50 and £450.


There are no long forms to complete, and you get an instant decision online.


Interest-free credit that allows you to spread the cost over three equal monthly payments.



Order Total
Initial Payment
Total of
£160 held on card
Month 1 Payment
Total of
£80 held on card
Month 2 Payment
Total of
£0 held on card
£0 Fees & 0% Interest


Once approved, you will be offered a £450 available to spend limit to purchase goods (including add-ons such as warranties and delivery fees) with our approved retail partners. This is not a revolving credit facility like a credit card. You will be offered individual payment plans based on the cash price of goods you have chosen up to the value of your available to spend limit. Payment plans are repayable via 3 equal instalments and for each payment plan you will be asked to read and accept terms and conditions of that loan. Once you have repaid the payment plan, the original cash price of the goods on the payment plan will be added back to your available to spend limit.

You can take out as many payment plans as you like, subject to:

  • The cost of the goods being within or up to your available to spend limit
  • You making regular payments on time

We will continue to review your available to spend amount for as long as you are a ClearPay customer. These reviews will consider your payment history with us. We may use this information to vary the available to spend amount either up or down.

If you choose not to make purchases via ClearPay within a period of 180 days of making the last repayment on your most recent loan, your available to spend limit will be removed.

Please note that we may, without notice, withdraw your available to spend amount at any time.

Choose the goods that you wish to purchase and add to your shopping basket. Click ‘Checkout’ and select ‘ClearPay’ to make payment.

You will be shown a payment schedule, which advises when your next 2 payments are due and if your payment has been successful, you will receive a confirmation email. Please contact us if you don’t receive this email.

Only ClearPay retail network partners can offer you the option to pay through ClearPay.

Payments are collected via a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) set up on your credit or debit card.

ClearPay can only setup debit or credit cards which have been provided by MasterCard or VISA. Unfortunately, we can’t setup any of the following cards:

  • Electron debit cards
  • American Express or Diners Club debit, credit or charge cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Cash Cards

The payment will appear as ClearPay on your bank statement. Payments will be collected on a monthly calendar basis.

If your first payment is due at the end of the month, the following payment will be taken on the last day of the month.


  • 1st Payment – 31st August
  • 2nd Payment – 30th September
  • 3rd Payment – 31st October

There are no fees or charges for setting up and using ClearPay.

However, if you are unable to make payments on time, you will be charged a late payment fee of £10. This fee will only be applied a maximum of 2 times per payment plan.

For further information visit: https://www.clearpay.co.uk/faqs/