What is the best outdoor security camera for your home?

What is the best outdoor security camera for your home?

If you're concerned about home security, an outdoor surveillance camera could be the answer. Being able to monitor your property 24/7 can put your mind at ease both when you're at home and away.

Luckily for you, hundreds of smart home security cameras are on the market today. With easy-to-install DIY options, you won't have to worry about the fuss or cost of installation. What's more, these smart security cameras can be controlled from their associated apps all from your smartphone. This gives you full control of your security devices and access to live feeds and recordings wherever you are.

The trouble is, with so much choice, which is best for your home? Stick around as we go through some of the features to look out for to find the perfect device.

What type of security camera is best for outdoor?

There are a few different options for outdoor security cameras and it depends on your home to determine the best choice.

Mains-powered outdoor security cameras remain a very popular option for home security monitoring devices. They offer reliable 24/7 home surveillance. The only consideration to have if you're opting for a wired-security camera is installation. You may have to feed cables through your property to power the device which involves drilling. If you're not comfortable doing this or you're renting a property that you're not able to drill into, then read on for battery-powered security cameras.

An outdoor battery-powered security camera offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to the installation process. All you'll have to do is find a suitable place to mount the camera and you're good to go! The catch with a battery-powered CCTV camera is that you'll have to charge the device from time to time. Generally, this doesn't present a huge problem as a lot of the options on the market today have battery lives of months. This means you won't have to worry about charging the device all of the time. Some cameras, like the time2 Ava battery-powered outdoor camera and the Bella video doorbell, allow you to set up notifications when the battery reaches a certain percentage. This way, you won't have to worry about getting caught out without any security monitoring.

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What features do the best outdoor security cameras have?

Depending on where you buy and how much you're willing to spend, the features you get will vary. With that said, there are features we'd consider must-haves. They are present in the majority of good-quality security cameras and looking out for them can help you when shopping around.

HD Footage

The quality of video footage is hugely important in a security camera. If a time comes when you have to use the footage as evidence of a crime, it's pivotal that you have clear recordings. Look for cameras with at least 1080p video quality. This is enough for you to be able to make out detail in your footage.

Audio and Motion Detection

It's not very practical to sit and watch the live feed of your home security camera all day. You'll want a camera that is capable of alerting you when movement is detected at the very least. A security camera with audio detection gives you an extra layer of security, if an intruder can't be seen, they might be heard. The time2 Oscar outdoor security camera is a prime example of a camera that features both of these.

Two-Way Audio

Picture this: your camera pings a notification to your phone to say movement has been detected. You check your live feed and see an unfamiliar figure standing in your garden. Of course, you immediately contact the police but what you can do to deter them while you wait? Two-way audio allows you to speak to whoever might be at your property without having to put yourself in harm's way.  Great for security or just to say  "Hello" to your neighbours!

Infrared Night Vision

The dark winter nights often make people more fearful. Not knowing what's out in the dark can be an anxious thought for some. Outdoor security cameras with night vision go a long way in alleviating these fears. Having a clear image of your property at night takes away the unknown element.

Controlled Through an App

Having full control of your smart home security devices all in one place isn't just about convenience, it gives them extra functionality and depending on the brand allows them to work together. For example, time2 smart home security products operate using the Clan at Home app. You can get creative with some of the smart scenes that you can create, by creating automation between different products. You could have your smart plug socket turn on every time your outside camera detects motion to make it look like you're home, even when you're not.

So, which type of security camera is best for outdoor?

We can't claim to have definitively answered such a broad question, but hopefully, this has given you some idea of what goes into the best of the bunch. Just remember that different security cameras will be better suited for different properties and situations. Think about what you want your device to do for your home.


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