Uses For Your Security Camera Other Than For Security

Uses For Your Security Camera Other Than For Security

When you think of security cameras, you immediately think of deterring crime, burglars, and possibly watching over the nanny, but there are some surprising uses for security cameras that are entertaining, unusual, and smart.

Here, we will take a look into the world of other uses of security cameras. Are you ready for it?

Live Cams


Ahhh yes, Live Cams. Live Cams have been around for some time. Perhaps something that started accidently, it surely has evolved into something that stands on it own today. For those of us, who have the want and need to see the world, incredible sights, and amazing creatures, but sadly, don’t have the option to do this whenever we desire, today, we have the option of Live Cams. Live Cams bring these wonders straight to our world - whenever and wherever - whether we are sitting on the couch, are at work, or on the go. Live Cams are not only for entertainment, but are also used for educational purposes.

Locating Bugs and Pests

This is definitely an interesting one, yet also, oh so smart! Whether you are a passionate gardener have a deathly fear of pests and bugs, or love to monitor your surroundings for research or hobby purposes, tune in. With security cameras you’ll never have to lose all your hard work to some raccoons and squirrels or the neighbour’s dog, ever again. Are you missing some tomatoes, are you roses suddenly gone? Use a motion detection security camera to catch the culprit. To take it a step further, sound a loud alarm when you see these intruders in action to deter their behaviour next time.

Have a bug infestation? Use a night vision camera to get to the source.

Live Stream Social Experiments

Are you an individual who loves to show his/her life to the world? Social media is one way to do it, but why not take it to another level with a live stream social experiment.

Yes, this is something that is a thing nowadays. Not something I can personally recommend, but it is out there and getting a lot of attention.

Whether it's to capture a certain behaviour or for research purposes - with individuals consent of course - security cameras can be wondrous devices. Not to mention you can use it when having meeting or events you want your colleagues or loved ones to tune in from afar.


Wildlife and Zoo Assistance

You don’t have to only do social experiments with people. Security cameras have been used to monitor animal behaviour and scientific research for some time now. This enables researchers to look into the lives of animals without a noticeable intruder abstracting the natural behaviour of the animals. The World Wildlife Fund is an exemplary organization with beautiful footage of wildlife at its wildest.  

Time Lapse

Want to have a bit more of a creative type of fun? You can also use your security camera to capture beautiful time-lapse videos of sunsets, city life, or even your pets activities while you are away.

Monitoring your habits

And lastly, you can monitor your habits, although this is definitely not the last of ways to use your security camera. Are you a sleepwalker? Is there a behaviour you want to do less of? Now you can use your security camera to monitor your everyday actions, and review them later. Let me provide an example. Do you need to keep track of your meals, how many times you take a smoke break? Or perhaps where you left your keys? Now you can record your actions and later write up what you had or what you did.


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