Top Tips to secure your home – during lock-down and for the future

Top Tips to secure your home – during lock-down and for the future

During the COVID-19 pandemic and commencement of lock-down, the Police have reported substantial drops in burglary and many other crimes. The records are based on statistics based on four weeks, up until the 12th April 2020.

37% drop in burglary

27% drop in vehicle crime, serious assault, and personal robbery.

54% drop in shoplifting (non-essential stores closed)

Great news I hear you shout!  Yes, it is absolutely.  The point we want to raise is that this doesn’t mean you can be relaxed with your safety and security.  Lock-down will end, we will go back to work, flights will resume, and we’ll go away on holiday. What that means is that the criminals will be back out and will be looking for easy targets.

Don’t be their first port of call!  Right now is the time to take stock and make sure that you have all your bases covered, and that your home and personal belongings are safe and secure.

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We’ve put together our top tips for things to consider when making your home as safe as possible when lock-down is over, peace of mind for the future.

• Check that all your doors and windows have secure workable locks, and don’t be tempted to leave keys in the lock. Think about fitting a dead bolt and smart locks.

• Is your outdoor home security lighting in working order? If you don’t have this already it’s a great place to start. Would be burglars may be reluctant to continue if a security light goes on when they approach your home.

• We firmly believe every home should have some form of home security system in place. This could be a basic do-it-yourself home security camera system, to a full monitoring system, with home automation.

• Consider installing a ‘smart’ home alarm system. You can secure every room, window and door, protecting yourself not just against burglars but also from fire, water damage etc. This is all managed via your mobile phone, from wherever you are. These are affordable security options, they are easily installed and managed with no need for on-going costs or lengthy contracts.

• Whilst home security cameras are a great option; consider features such as mobile apps (so you can check in real time from wherever you are). Do they have features such as motion detection, night vision, two-way talk, weatherproof casings. There’s a lot to consider and it’s important to do your research.

• Do your garage and shed have secure locks? Have you thought about adding in additional home security systems? Many of us keep valuable and personal items in our garages and sheds, but don’t think to extend the home security cameras or our home security systems to cover them.

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• Password protect and encrypt your home WiFi / router. Many home security systems are now wireless and function through your home WiFi. It’s important to consider this and ensure that would be burglars don’t have an easy way in by hacking into your home security system and disabling it before they visit!

• Don’t leave valuable belongings on view, whether in the garden or through a window. Find a safe place for your car keys, out of sight.

• Add a door camera; these are easy to fit and will allow you to see who is calling before answering the door.

• Put your lighting on timed switches or smart plugs – vary the times they come on and from room to room, or switch them on/of using your smartphone app from wherever you are.

We all need to feel safe in our own homes. Start by adding in small home security measures, don’t become overwhelmed and do nothing!

Stay safe and stay secure.

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