How to get cheaper home insurance by using a security camera

How to get cheaper home insurance by using a security camera

Home insurance premiums continue to rise, and weather-related claims are one of the biggest reasons for insurance premium increases. We can’t control the weather but there are things we can do to reduce our home insurance premiums. There are lots of reasons why insurance premiums vary; from your postcode, the size of your home, the number of claims made, having a simple burglar alarm fitted, or home security cameras installed, to having a comprehensive home security system.

If you haven’t thought about home security camera options, then now’s the time to do so. It’s important to weigh up all the pros and cons, and ensure you fit the right system for your home.

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Why use home security cameras?

Without doubt home security systems are becoming increasingly important for many reasons; protecting your home from vandalism, from being burgled, giving the home-owner an overall feeling of safety whilst at home, or peace of mind if away on holiday.

Technology advancements have made it so home security systems are affordable for everyone. You can install most security cameras yourself, quickly and easily. If you’re not comfortable to do this, there are people who can help with the installation and advice.

Some security cameras come with cloud storage. This is where your footage is automatically saved online, therefore, if something happens to your security camera in the incident, you will still have access to your footage.

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Its’ important to consider: -

  • What you need for the installation and your budget
  • What type of security camera you want/need, for indoor or outdoor CCTV
  • Whether you want to be able to integrate additional smart devices in the future; i.e. additional cameras, smart bulbs or smart plugs
  • Warranty and support from supplier
  • When checking new insurance premiums, you should discuss your home security so that you can check premium discounts apply

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 Indoor security cameras – benefits

  • Home security cameras allow you to see via a mobile or tablet what’s happening at home in real time, while at work, out shopping or on holiday”
  • Rotating indoor home security cameras can rotate 360 degrees, with full HD 1080p day and night images. They also provide hear and speak options via built-in microphone and speaker.
  • You can capture important evidence, should you be burgled, which can be used to assist the police
  • You can also place your security camera in other homes, for example, in an elderly relatives to keep an eye on them
  • Consider installing ‘night vision’ cameras. Most burglaries take place at night, so it’s important that cameras can pick up and record clearly events that happen in the dark.
  • Instant alerts are also a great addition. These can be set to alert you via an app to your mobile if motion or sound is detected. You can then check in in real time wherever you are.

Insurance Policies – a lot to consider

Whilst we can all shop around for the ‘cheapest’ home insurance using comparison websites, this may not necessarily the best option. Home insurance prices vary for many reasons and are not all like-for-like. So, it’s important to take the time to check the policy details. Chose a policy that fits your requirements, not just the cheapest.

Finally, we wanted to share some ideas on what to look out for when choosing your home insurance policy.

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Tips on what to look for when choosing a home insurance policy

  • Discount options for home security cameras, or alarm systems
  • Does it include new for old?
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Comprehensive accidental damage cover
  • Home emergency cover
  • What are the excesses on the policy?
  • Does it cover building and contents (combined policy options)
  • Are there ‘act of god’ clauses
  • If you live in a flood risk area what can you put in place to reduce premiums

Note: it might be worth engaging a reputable insurance broker, who will be able to advise you and will have access and knowledge of a large range of policies available

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