How to find the best Baby Monitor - A Complete Guide

How to find the best Baby Monitor - A Complete Guide

Baby monitor security cameras are a must-have product for parents. Let’s face it, you can’t be at your baby’s side at all times, so a baby monitor is a great product to have. Once your baby moves into their own room, a baby monitor will give you the chance to keep an eye on your little one while you’re in a different room. You got housework to do? You’ll be able to hear what your little one is up to while you get things done.

If this is your first experience buying a baby monitor, you might be surprised by the wide range of available products. Figuring out which one to get can be confusing, and there are many things to consider when choosing the right one for you. Do you need audio and video? Would you prefer a Wifi monitor over one controlled by radiofrequency? Is tracking your baby’s movement and oxygen levels important to you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret because we’ve put together this handy guide to help make your decision easier by advising you on how to buy the best baby monitor.

What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor security camera is a helpful device that parents can use to watch or listen to their baby whilst in a different room. Most monitors these days consist of a camera with a microphone attached that you place near your baby. Some monitors will come with a screen for you to watch your baby with, while others will enable you to use your smartphone to do this instead.

Baby monitors started essentially as baby walkie-talkies. With the advances in technology, you can now watch a live video, play music, check the room temperature and speak to your baby all through one device.

Different Types Of Baby Monitors

Audio-Only Monitor

As mentioned above, audio-only monitors act like walkie-talkies. You are given two parts, one that stays by your baby and one that stays with you so that you can listen in on your little one. Most of them also come with a little light that lights up when the baby makes a sound. The louder the sound, the more it lights up. This is particularly helpful if you are hard of hearing and need a visual aid to alert you.

Video Monitor

This monitor also includes two units. However, this monitor has a camera built into the baby unit that sends video images to the parent unit. Parents can then watch their baby and listen in simultaneously using the screen provided. Video monitors have a vast price range to match your budget and come with different features, so you can choose those that suit your needs.

Some monitors allow you to take control of the camera by zooming in and out or moving it to pan around the room. You can also get different screen sizes on the parent unit, giving you more choice on how you want to watch your baby.

Smart Monitor

With many parents owning a smartphone or tablet, a smart baby monitor could be an excellent choice for you. All you have to do is download the app suggested, and you can see your baby on your phone or tablet screen. The good thing about this monitor is that you don’t have to think about signal range. As long as you have a good Wifi signal, you can watch your baby from wherever you are.

Just make sure that you choose one with excellent security features and encryption to help keep hackers from interfering with your devices.

Useful Features

Baby monitors can do so much more than just help you listen to and watch your baby. Monitors come with so many different features these days that can be useful for parents.

Room Temperature

It’s crucial to ensure that your baby is dressed appropriately depending on the room temperature when sleeping. Many video monitors show you on the screen what the temperature is so that you can keep an eye on any changes and keep your baby safe. Some monitors will even alert you if the temperature becomes too hot or too cold.

Play Lullabies

Some monitors allow you to play lullabies and music through them. This can be handy if your baby has trouble sleeping and you want to try and soothe them with music.


The talk-back feature allows you to talk to your baby from another room. All it takes to soothe some babies is to hear the sound of their parents’ voices, and it reassures them that you are still there for them.

Voice Activation

This feature will alert you when your child wakes up, so you don’t have to constantly look at the screen to check on what your baby’s doing.

Night Vision

Night vision is a useful feature for your baby monitor security camera. You will be able to see your baby clearly when leaving them in a dark room without having to check up on them regularly.

Night Lights

Many monitors come with a built-in night light that some babies find soothing and may help them fall asleep easier if they usually struggle. It also comes in handy for you to see where you’re going so you can avoid bumping into things when it’s dark.

Movement Sensor

Although this feature comes at a price, monitors with a movement sensor are very beneficial. These monitors are connected to a pad that you place underneath your baby’s mattress. If movement hasn’t been detected from your baby after a certain amount of time, an alarm will sound to alert you, and you can check on your baby.

Other Points To Consider


The whole point of having a baby monitor is so that you can keep an eye on them while they’re alone. You need to make sure that you take note of the range that you can use the monitor within. You’ll be very disappointed if you get home and can’t use it because it doesn’t work further than one room.

Security And Privacy

Although Wifi baby monitors are brilliant, they come with a risk of being hacked just like any other device that uses Wifi. You need to make sure that you’re aware of this and learn how to protect yourself against possible intrusions. You wouldn’t want strangers talking to your child through the monitor.


Of course, you want your baby to be safe. When using a wired monitor, you should ensure that any wires aren’t easily accessible to your baby. You wouldn’t want them to harm themselves with loose cables. It’s also a good idea to place the monitor not too close to your baby to help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation exposure to them.


If you’d like more guidance on baby monitors, feel free to visit our website or get in touch with us. If you need help with other safety equipment for your home, we can help with that too. From doorbells with a camera and speaker to wireless outdoor CCTV cameras and complete safety alarm kits, Tech2 Technology has all the safety tech you need to help you and your family feel safe in your own home.

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