How Battery Powered Wireless Security Cameras Protect Your Home

How Battery Powered Wireless Security Cameras Protect Your Home

Increasingly the world is becoming ever more reliant on the use of technology. This can often be perceived in a negative light as people (especially younger generations) are seen to be totally reliant on digital innovations that make their life easier. There is perhaps a strong argument here for this. But it's becoming harder to deny that there are many very practical pieces of technology that can change everyone's day-to-day lives. Smart security cameras are a prime example of a device that can have a positive impact on us all.

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and home it's fair to say this is something to take seriously. Investing in security devices such as battery-powered wireless security cameras can go a long way in giving us some peace of mind. Being able to monitor your property 24/7 means you don't have to worry about your home, the kids or anything else if you're ever away.

No Blind Spots

Talking specifically about wireless battery-operated security cameras. One of the main benefits has to be the flexibility you have in terms of where you place the device. Battery-operated cameras offer a much simpler installation process that isn't restricted by where the nearest power source is. This means you'll be able to cover areas of your property you otherwise wouldn't with a hard-wired camera. With most smart security cameras connecting to your internet via WiFi, it gives you a truly wireless security solution.

The ability to place a wire-free camera where you want isn't the only benefit. Most of these battery-operated CCTV cameras can be easily installed by anyone. This means you won't have to fork out for the installation. You'll just need to decide where you want to place it and get to work.


24/7 Monitoring

A concern you might have when buying a battery-powered wireless security camera is its ability to keep your home secure at all times. This is a valid thought to have. The last thing you want is for the camera's battery to die and for you to be left in the dark. Luckily most battery-operated cameras have a long enough charge life for you not to have to worry about this. Some are able to run as long as 4 months without recharging them, although this can depend on how it's being used. Some cameras feature customisable alerts. For example, you can be notified when the charge hits a certain percentage.  The time2 Ava battery-powered security camera is compatible with the Clan at Home app. This means you can customise features like battery-level notification to suit you.

It's great that you won't have to worry about the battery dying, but what about when night falls? How will you see? Infrared night vision is a feature you'd now expect to see in any home security camera. This will allow you to see as clear at night as in the day. Over 60% of burglaries occur during the night, so you'll need your battery-powered security cameras to come with night vision.

Outsmart Potential Intruders

They're called smart cameras for a reason. Some of the features available with home security cameras are designed to help you outsmart any threats your home and family might face.

Human Detection

Human detection is exactly what it says it is on the tin. This will allow your camera to differentiate between animals, swaying branches, and anything else that might be moving around from an actual human. This is important because it means you don't get a huge amount of alerts for things that pose no threat.

Instant Motion and Sound Alerts

Speaking of alerts, instant motion and sound alerts mean you can be instantly reactive to any activity. With apps like Clan at Home, which is compatible will all time2 products, you'll be able to receive any alerts straight to your smartphone wherever you are. This is a great feature to look out for to ensure you're home is always protected.

Field Of View

We talked before about being able to place your battery-powered cameras anywhere you'd like. This is great, but the wider your field of view the more you can see from just one camera. This will help to keep your home protected by giving you full coverage of an area.

Two-Way Talk

Not only can this help protect your home but perhaps more importantly yourself. You won't have to put yourself in harm's way to confront an intruder, you can speak to them through a two-way talk feature to scare them off.

Crime Was Reduced By 12% In Residential Areas With CCTV

According to a study crime in residential areas was reduced by 12%. This may not seem like a huge number but anything that has an effect on preventing crime shouldn't be dismissed. Criminals are less likely to act if they believe they are going to be identified after the fact. It's worth mentioning though that battery-powered security cameras are most effective when paired with other security devices. A home alarm system can provide another layer of defence. Or you could pair the camera up with other smart devices. You could use this to switch on a light if a camera detects movement making it seem like you're at home.

A step in the right direction

If you're wanting to take the first steps in protecting your home a battery-powered security camera is a good place to start. Easy to set up, simple to use and with some smart features that will hopefully make a potential intruder think twice they can really give you that peace of mind. Burglaries are happening every day in the UK so we need to do all we can to protect our homes.

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