Battery Powered Vs. Mains Powered Security Cameras

Battery Powered Vs. Mains Powered Security Cameras

With a growing concern for burglary and theft activities, it's natural to be concerned about the security of our businesses and homes. Whether smart homes or not, burglars often try to find a way to break through into your home—and guess what? They steal vital documents, personal information, money, and other valuables. Now that's something any homeowner or property owner would want to avoid. Therefore, we understand the growing security concern within our society.

Thanks to the security industry's growth, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their property or home is secure—and that any malicious individuals cannot break in easily. The security industry has incorporated innovative surveillance technologies to help protect your home and property, so burglars have limited chances. These innovations in the security industry have given rise to affordable and easily accessible WiFi outdoor security cameras to beef up security in your home or business.

However, as technology progresses in the security industry, it causes confusion and various concerns regarding the differences between security cameras. Everyone wishes for a good outdoor security camera for home or business security needs. It brings us to our bone of contention—the best option between Battery Powered Vs. Mains Powered Security Cameras. If you're confused about the two outdoor cameras we'll be clearing that up here.

We will learn the benefits and downsides of outdoor WiFi security cameras to help you solidify your decision on the best one for your property. While most people overlook it, it's necessary to understand is how these security cameras are powered. Some people assume that regardless of what powers battery-powered and mains-powered security cameras, they still serve the same purposes. But that's not entirely true. Yes, they both support a WiFi connection—but they also have unique features regarding time and reliability.

Understanding these distinct differences is a must if you're seeking a good security camera to install at your property.

So here's everything we need to know about battery-powered and mains-powered security cameras:

Mains powered Security cameras

Mains-powered security cameras are connected to the electric mains during installation. While you have to handle wires during installation—which makes it a bit risky—they have various benefits that many home or property owners want. These cameras are popular for their reliability, quality, and ease of use. People want outdoor WiFi cameras that would serve their various security needs for a long time and make their work easier. Quality is also a key consideration among many people looking to enhance security at their premises or homes. Even more important, good-quality cameras can withstand the test of time, providing the peace of mind everyone needs.

How reliable are mains-powered security cameras?

Many people are always seeking various ways to enhance the security of their homes and properties. Before they invest in outdoor WiFi security cameras, they want to know whether it's dependable and if they can provide unmatched surveillance at their premises. In that case, they might consider purchasing the mains-powered outdoor cameras because of their extreme reliability.

Battery-powered outdoor cameras cannot match the mains-powered outdoor cameras' level of reliability. This is because wired-in surveillance cameras capture footage on a 24-hour basis without lapses or gaps at any specific time. You cannot interfere with them easily is also a plus for property owners. Since these are wired into the mains, they form a secure connection that cannot be tampered with easily—this is something you cannot achieve when using the Wireless Battery Powered WiFi Security Camera.

Also, once you have installed your wired-in surveillance camera and ensured that it’s up and running, you won't have to worry about its purpose. It makes your work easier, and you don't have to operate it for it to capture footage.

The recorded footage is stored inside the micro SD card inserted into the camera. You can access the recording on your phone via a home app, making it easy to share with your friends and family on WhatsApp, email, and other social media platforms. It enables you to narrow down on a suspect in case of a security threat at your home or property.

Downsides of the Mains-powered outdoor cameras

Like anything else, WiFi outdoor cameras have their shares of shortcomings. Therefore, it's normal for issues to arise when using the mains-powered outdoor cameras. Let's delve into some of the downsides.

First off, It's not easy for you to get your wired surveillance cameras up and operational. It would help if you had experts to help you install the cameras properly to do their job effectively—which requires a longer time and extra expenses. It's obvious because a wire has to be connected to the main power source to power the cameras. If you have something that prevents waiting longer for installation, then wired-in surveillance cameras might be a good choice. On the other hand, installing the Wireless Battery Powered WiFi Security Camera takes less time.

But if a durable solution to your security needs is your top priority, waiting longer for security camera installation will not be an issue. It's better to ensure they're properly installed for your family and business.

Another issue with the wired-in surveillance cameras is that they won't work if there is a power interruption. That means you will be putting your valuable home or property at risk, especially if the power cut goes on for many days. Whether it’s minutes, hours or days, time is a critical factor in protecting your home and property. Burglars can break in if they realize that you don't have electricity and your cameras are not working. Therefore, it's necessary to get a backup generator to ensure that your outdoor security cameras are operational.

Battery Powered Security cameras

It's almost natural for anyone to opt for things that are easy to work with, even if they don't offer extreme effectiveness. Maybe that's why most people looking for outdoor WiFi security cameras prefer the ones that are easy to install. The Wireless Battery Powered WiFi Security Camera is convenient because you can place them anywhere—there is no limitation. Unlike the wired-in surveillance security cameras, the battery-powered outdoor cameras don't have to be connected to the main power source to be operational. There is no time you will handle wires or cables when installing the battery-powered security cameras.

These security cameras are easily accessible—you can recharge them when you realize they’ve run out of power.

Battery lifespan

Depending on your security needs and usage, the battery life of your battery-powered security camera can be short or lengthy. Some battery-powered outdoor cameras can serve you for months or weeks without running out of battery. So whether the advertisement shows that the security camera can last for six months, and end up taking only a few days, how you use it matters.

One benefit that battery-powered outdoor cameras offer is that wired-in surveillance cameras can't offer. Even if there is a lengthy power interruption, the battery-powered cameras will continue working since they don't depend on electricity.


While battery-powered security cameras are suitable for many people, they also have their downsides:

It's easy to interfere with battery-powered security cameras: Battery-powered security cameras are easy to install. However, they can pose an issue, as in the case of placing them in out-of-reach spaces where someone cannot interfere with them.

Poor reliability: You have to keep checking your battery-powered security cameras to ensure they have enough power and are working properly. You will risk your home security if you forget to charge your batteries. Besides, it's a hassle to keep track of all your battery-powered security cameras to know which ones have to be charged.

Battery-powered security cameras are less effective: Battery-powered security cameras are meant to conserve power. However, they rely on motion to record footage and are designed to record for a short time. Given that this is the case, they may not record the full episodes of a crime that has taken place.


We cannot overlook our home and property's security because our family and business are important. For this reason, we look for outdoor security cameras to enhance security at home or on our property. Depending on your needs, you can consider between battery-powered Vs. Mains-powered security cameras. We've already seen the benefits and downsides of both of these cameras.

Based on the comparisons of the two outdoor camera systems, Mains powered security camera would be a good choice because it runs on its own after proper installation. It also captures footage on a 24-hour basis while battery-powered cameras do so in intervals.

On the other hand, a Wireless Battery Powered WiFi Security Camera would be a great selection if you're looking for a camera that comes in handy, especially if you're experiencing numerous and lengthy power interruptions.

All in all, it's necessary to consider your security needs to ensure to get an effective and reliable WiFi outdoor security camera.


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