5 Reasons To Choose An Indoor Security Camera Over A Baby Monitor

5 Reasons To Choose An Indoor Security Camera Over A Baby Monitor

If you have a new born or you’re a parent-to-be, you’ll no doubt be taking the safety of your child very seriously indeed. Fortunately, technology has advanced so far that we now have a whole host of gadgets available to help us protect our tiniest loved ones from sterilising machines, wall thermometers and a range of security cameras or monitors to watch over them.

But when it comes to the latter, how do you know which to choose? The choice is generally between a more traditional baby monitor or a modern indoor camera. Baby monitors have of course been proven aides over the years but now is the time to consider a wireless camera instead, thanks to the added benefits they provide. Here are just 5 reasons to choose one:

1. High quality picture at all times of day and night

The quality of cameras for the home has improved dramatically over the years and the models are now available in high definition and within a reasonable budget. The fact they are HD means you can really see what is going on with your baby pretty much down to the exact look on their face so you can tell immediately if they are in distress or not. There will be no need to create a big disturbance by turning lights on at night too as thanks to infra-red night vision, you’ll get a clear video of your baby even in the pitch black.

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2. Motion and sound sensors

A camera can be connected to your home’s WiFi which means you can also connect them to an app in order to have everything handy on your phone. You’ll be able to check the app whenever you want to see what’s going on in your child’s room in an instant. You can also set alerts to come through whenever there is a movement or sound made so you can see immediately when, or if, you need to tend to your baby.

Because you have everything coming through to your phone, you only need one camera in place, right where the baby will be. You also have the peace of mind knowing you can check it from anywhere so if you go out leaving the baby in the care of a babysitter, you are able to see all is well back at home.

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3. Record-function

Indoor security cameras offer a continuous record function or the ability to record snippets and you can set these up however you choose. For example, you can set it to record when motion or sound is detected (and it will record the previous five seconds too so you capture events leading up to the disturbance) and you can also choose to manually record sections yourself. If you happen to be watching the live stream on your phone and the baby is doing something cute, you can capture that easily too via the app on your phone to keep the precious memory.

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4. Mains power

There is no need to worry about charging or replacing batteries with a security camera as it will be plugged into the mains. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind you need knowing your baby is always being watched over so you can focus your attention on them rather than having to remember to maintain your equipment.

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5. Additional features

These cameras can also include a range of other features including a high-quality zoom so you can get a closer look at the goings on – want to see the exact look on their face? Whether those are tears for attention or genuine upset? Well you will see it all thanks to the zoom. Some cameras rotate (again, all managed by your phone) so you can check the entire room if you need to. And one of the best functions is two-way talk. That’s right, your baby will actually hear your voice as you talk through your phone, to the camera which is played into the room with your child listening. You never know, a few soothing sounds from you could just manage to settle them!

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An indoor security camera makes a much superior alternative to a standard baby monitor for many reasons as listed above. They’re also easy to install and don’t forget, once the child no longer requires monitoring, you can continue to use the camera as part of your broader home security system or even to watch over pets whilst you are out of the house. So if you’re considering what type of baby monitor to choose, look no further than an indoor camera to give you complete peace of mind.

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