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Time2’s Black Friday sale started on Monday with offers and deals on many Time2 products, from 8 inch 3G tablets and WiFi speakers to a range of indoor and outdoor home security cameras, with discounts of up to 38%.

Did you know?

Many believe Black Friday is an internet phenomenon but in fact it dates back to 1951, when the day after Thanksgiving was seen in the US as the start of Christmas shopping and workers called in sick to give themselves a long weekend.


From single home security cameras to home CCTV systems

Until next Monday, Time2 is offering indoor home security wifi cameras for as little £24.99 – 38% off! – with masses of storage and the benefit of remote control from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. And for less than £90 you can monitor four different rooms in your home simultaneously, or share multi-camera benefits with a relative or friend.

Maybe you know four people who’d each appreciate £39.99’s worth of home monitoring camera – with the cost to you as little as £22.50 per gift, at the four-pack price?

Did you know

The UK has been trying to stage Black Friday for around 20 years but it only took off in 2013 when one of the big four supermarkets made it a success and it has been growing in popularity ever since.

Then there’s the potential for home-wide security protection with a complete CCTV system for less than £190, against an RRP of nearly £400. That’s two rotating indoor security cameras and two weatherproof exterior surveillance cameras, all offering live streaming, record-and-playback plus instant alerts to your smartphone or tablet, to let you monitor your home day and night, wherever in the world you are.

time2 home security camera system

Surrounded by sound

Wireless multiroom wifi speakers really come into their own when their sound feeds seamlessly from room to room. Time2 Black Friday deals let you achieve that for yourself or as a Christmas gift, with a pack of three Time2 wireless multiroom speakers for just £119.99. A single source – your phone or music device of choice – available uninterrupted, at a volume you like, all around the home. Or start with a single wifi speaker for just £59.99 – a Black Friday saving of 25%!


Why is Black Friday Black?

It was originally black (bad) for business because so many workers took sickies after the Thanksgiving holiday to create a long weekend and black on the streets of Philadelphia because of heavy shopping congestion. But in the 1980s Black Friday became more upbeat, meaning that the start of Christmas shopping was also the day in the year when retailers began to show a profit – so the books turned from being in the red to being in the black.

Remote control over the internet

Remote control of home appliances is at its simplest when you have a plug in the wall that you can turn on and off or set on a timer, straight from your phone, no matter where you are.

It’s even simpler when the Time2 Black Friday price for a remote control wifi smart plug is just £18.99 and a pack of three smart plugs only £42.99, saving a huge 38%. Imagine always being able to check you switched the iron off or being able to turn lights on around the house to put off intruders, whether you’re out for the evening or away anywhere in the world.


A gift of a tablet

Driven by a powerful superfast Quad-Core processor and 1GB of DDR3 RAM, the Time2 8 inch Android tablet, with its stunningly sharp screen and ability to work on not only wifi but 3G, makes the perfect Christmas gift for relatives and children – particularly when the Time2 Black Friday price is just £77.95 and it comes with free accessories: a pouch, a three-metre USB cable and a three-port USB plug.


Why is Monday Cyber?

It’s nothing to do with Dr Who. The name Cyber Monday was invented by a marketer, Ellen Davies, and first used in 2005. Back then, most people had very slow internet connections at home (if we had them at all) and Cyber Monday was the first day when Americans were back at work after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. They could use faster work connections for online shopping, so marketers offered them deals to entice them in.

android tablet, 10 inch tablet

Time2’s deals, from now until the end of Cyber Monday, are gathered together on Time2’s Black Friday page. For extra deals follow us on Facebook or on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page on this site.

Time2 Black Friday Sale


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