How to Install Your Outdoor Security Cameras ?

Outdoor security cameras are an excellent way to keep your home safe. Once you’ve purchased your security system, the next step is to ensure that everything is set up correctly. In this blog, we show you where to get professional help with installation and how to DIY (do it yourself) if you’re confident in your installation skills.

Installing Security Cameras

Using the Local Heroes Service To Install Your Security Camera

If you are struggling to install your outdoor WiFi security cameras, the Local Heroes service is available to assist you. Local Heroes is a UK service that is dedicated to helping customers find local professional installers.

The service was set up by British Gas in 2016 to facilitate the process of finding qualified tradespeople to perform skilled jobs effectively. Local Heroes have a network of over 7,000 local companies throughout the UK that cater to practically any job needed in the home, including the installation of Time2 security cameras.

Firstly, visit the Local Heroes website and type in the service which you require, for example, “home security camera needs installing.” Once the service is selected, input your postcode and click on the “Get an estimate” button. The website will provide you with the maximum hourly rate for the chosen service in your local area.

You will then be prompted to give additional information about the job specifications, including any photos that you think may be useful for the trades-person. Once you enter your personal details, you can browse the local heroes in your area for the dates you require. After you have chosen your preferred professional, they will be in touch to discuss the job further. At this point, you will receive a quote for the work needed and can decide whether to proceed or cancel, free of charge.

If you choose to go ahead, the local hero will arrive to complete all work on the agreed date. Thereafter, you’ll have two options for setting payment:

  1. Pay via the Local Heroes website using your credit or debit card. In return for making the payment online, you are entitled to a full 12-month guarantee.
  2. Pay the trades-person in cash. In this case, you’ll not be entitled to the 12-month guarantee.

The Local Heroes service is very easy to use and gives you added peace of mind that a professional job has been carried out.

Security Cameras Installation

DIY Security Camera Installation

If you consider yourself a pro at DIY, the following guide will help you install your outdoor security camera correctly.

Before You Fit 

First check that you have all the correct fittings to secure the outdoor security camera in place, including the grommets and screws used to feed the wire through the wall and secure components in place. You will also need to be comfortable using power tools, as you will need to drill through hard surfaces.

Thereafter, download the Clan At Home App and complete the setup process before installation. This includes:

  • Registration on the app.
  • Adding your home to the app.
  • Connecting your Oscar 2 device to the app.
  • Adjusting the camera settings to your specific requirements.
  • Inserting a formatted SD card to start recording.

Once it is setup, you can install it and it will automatically reconnect when plugged in.

Where To Fit 

You should fit your outdoor security cameras in places that require the most surveillance. A good place to start would be the front door of your property, as most activity occurs here. First-floor windows, back doors, and garages are also important areas to consider. Ensure the camera is positioned at an optimal angle for maximum effectiveness.

Step 1: Route The Cable 

Begin by drilling a pilot hole from the outside of the building inwards. Thereafter, use a 14mm drill bit to drill a larger hole through the initial pilot hole.

Step 2: Thread The Cable

Thread the cable from inside of the building outwards, using grommets on either side. To aid this process, use an electrical rod or similar tool to move the cabling through the wall.

Step 3: Prepare The Camera Mount 

Pinpoint the location where you’ll fit the mount on the wall. Make sure there is enough space to attach the mount securely.

Step 4: Securely Attach the Mount to the Wall 

Secure the mount into place against the wall.

Step 5: Connect The Camera

Reconnect the power supply and connect the outdoor WiFi camera to the mount on the wall. Adjust the camera angle according to your requirements.


CCTV Installation

Which Should You Choose?

Time2Technology’s partnership with the Local Heroes service helps streamline the installation process of your outdoor security cameras. Setup by a professional will ensure the work is completed to the highest standards and will come with a 12-month guarantee if you pay via the Local Heroes website. Those who are comfortable with DIY including the use of power tools can install their security cameras themselves by following our simple step-by-step guide above.

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