Humanity At Its Best: The Top 4 Gems Captured By Security Cameras

There are various reasons why we purchase security cameras: protection, safety, and crime prevention as our primary aims. However, when we install security cameras, the unexpected can be captured, sometimes even the unintentional, dubious and entertaining. Here are some of our favorite security camera footage:

Security Footage #1: It Wasn’t Me!

I bet the owner of this warehouse was glad he had some evidence to show. While the footage is beyond entertaining, shocking, and a bit frightening to watch, we sure hope the guy behind the wheel is ok!

Security Footage #2: The Stuff Of Movies

Having a tough day at work? We recommend this footage; it never fails to cheer me up. I have to admit, I was speechless the first time and a bit worried, but no one was hurt, and my workday, suddenly, got a whole lot better.

Security Footage  #3: The Discovery Of A Star Captured On Tape

I bet the owner of this security camera did not expect to find his employee ecstatic about work so much as to break out into his most famous moves. Keep up the funky moves boy! I do wonder if he received a raise.

Security Footage #4: The Confusion Is All Too Real

This footage does not fail to intrigue, confuse, and to be honest, bring a feeling of relief, over and over again. As much as the footage and the events captured by the security camera are dubious to me, so are my feelings towards it. You just have to watch to see, and perhaps feel, what I am talking about.
As you can see, there is so much more to what security cameras can capture besides crime, robbery, and malicious events; security cameras can also capture some absolutely, unequivocally beautiful events that are so innate to being human – truly revealing the stuff of life.

For more information about the security cameras, feel free to visit our guide.

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