Back to School: Why A Tablets Is The Ideal Solution For Today’s Student

As autumn descends upon the world, students both big and small are scurrying back to classes, homework and all-night study sessions. While spiral-bound notebooks and number two pencils once sufficed as school supplies, these days the average student needs a lot more to be able to keep up with the demands of academia.


Typing up essays, submitting assignments and completing thorough research, all call for a good notebook or tablet. That’s why Time2 has designed this great offer for all those headed back to class. At a special price of £109.00, we are offering our Time2Touch G188A 8″ Tablet PC that comes ready with a free Windows 10 upgrade and a 12 month subscription to Microsoft Office 365!



Time2Touch G188A windows Tablet PC


This model also has a stunning 1280*800 High-Definition display, 1.33GHz Quad Core Intel Processor, 32GB Hard Drive Storage, and a sleek brushed metal casing that can beautifully survive bumps and scratches. Indeed, this gorgeous eight inch tablet is good enough to replace any laptop.


I know what you’re thinking, how can a tablet really replace a laptop? Or, how is my kid supposed to type essays on a tablet? Well, actually the fact that a tablet doesn’t have a heavy keyboard is a plus, because that means it is super lightweight and easy to carry around. As for the typing issue, these days there are a large variety of keyboard cases that will transform your kid’s tablet into a laptop whenever needed!


What are a few other reasons why a tablet will trump any laptop this season? First, there is the cost. Tablets are much cheaper than laptops. Second, we must consider the simplicity of a tablet’s user interface. Especially for younger children, using a tablet is much easier than using a laptop and therefore your child will be able to get more out of the product you purchase. And finally, in reality there isn’t much of a difference in terms of functionality. These days tablet PCs come with nearly all of the functions of a regular PC, however, they are also much lighter, cheaper and easier to use.


Time2 G881A 8” inch windows Tablet PC


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get back to school in style!



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