5 Must-Have iPhone Cases

Most people are inseparable from their iPhones. Indeed, it’s one of the key phenomena of the century; no matter where you go these days, people are glued to their smartphones and other devices. That said, if you love your smartphone like the rest of us, then you had better protect it with a quality case.


Here are Time2’s picks for must-have iPhone Cases:


Apple iPhone 5 Glitter Case

An iPhone case can say a lot about a person, and these days cases vary in color, style, shape and functionality. If you’re looking for something fun, then why not spice things up with a little glitter? This iPhone 5 Glitter Case will also make a great gift for the bubbly girl in your life.



iPhone 4S Glow in the Dark Bumper

Are you constantly dropping your iPhone? We all do it, and we all worry that our phone’s screen is gonna crack during the next fall. Getting an iPhone case with a bumper is a good way to ensure that your phone stays safe, no matter how big of a klutz you may be. What makes this case special, is that it glows in the dark, so you can find your phone even when the lights are out.

iPhone 4S Glow in the Dark Bumper


iPhone 4/4S Silicone Case (10 in 1 Pack)

Silicone cases are all the rage thanks to their sleek look and feel. Protect your iPhone 4 or 4S with this variety pack with ten different colors so that you can change up the look of your phone whenever you feel like it. You can also swap and trade cases with your friends.

Phone 4/4S Silicone Case (10 in 1 Pack)

iPhone 4/4S Bottle Opener Case

Not having a bottle opener around when you’re about to pop open a cold one is a real bummer. With this iPhone case, you can be sure that you’ll never run into such a conundrum (as long as you have your iPhone with you, which you always do). This case will also make a fun gift for that party-goer friend of yours.

iPhone 4/4S Bottle Opener Case


iPhone 5 Flip Cover Case

We like to think of this as the professional iPhone case. It covers pretty much the entire iPhone so you get maximum protection. Plus, you get the pleasure of flipping it open with a flair every time you want to check for the time or updates. It’s classy, sleek and high quality.

iPhone 5 Flip Cover Case


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