Featuring 10 inch Android Tablets: Does Size Really Matter

We have a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to tablets, but does size really matter? If so, how and when?

Let’s take a closer look.

Image Quality and Viewing Experience

Let’s start with this note. Many individuals think of screen quality when thinking of the size of the tablet. They think that the bigger the screen the better the image quality. However, one doesn’t always come with the other. If you are looking for a tablet with a great image quality, then we advise looking not only at the size, but also at the number of pixels.

If a tablet offers a few pixels that are spread apart, then you will be left with grainy images and an old feel. Don’t fall for way too many pixels either, anything above 250 pixels becomes a bit of a waste, as our eyes can’t grasp on to the improvements.

Remember this, look for a tablet with 175 pixels per inch ratio, if this remains true for larger tablets, then a larger tablet is better for viewing, but do not sacrifice pixel count for a larger screen.



If you are looking for a tablet to primarily use for entertainment purposes – watching a movie, playing certain games – a larger size tablet such as a 10 inch is ideal.

However, consider the fact that if you are planning on holding the tablet while in use, particularly while watching anything that’s longer than 30 minutes, a larger sized tablet will become inconvenient and feel heavy in hand.


A Computer Substitute

If you are looking for a smaller and lighter computer alternative, then size also matters. A 10 inch tablet will come closer to the desktop experience and will feel more natural than a smaller tablet. For example, reading and navigating on a larger tablet is much more convenient than on a smaller tablet.

Likewise, if you looking to use a tablet for professional applications with spreadsheets, documents, emails – you get the point – then a larger tablet is the way to go.

Window Tablets 2016

Long Duration Use In Hand

Like we mentioned above, for long duration use in hand, a large tablet is not ideal. If you are looking for a tablet that’s easy to hold, particularly for various hours, then we recommend going for the smaller sizes.

Use In Motion

If you plan to use the tablet while in motion, whether on workouts, touring cities, filming a job site, a smaller size definitely has its advantages – including portability, weight, and battery life.

Everyday Basics

If you are looking for a tablet for the everyday basics or small entertainment purposes, such as playing games once in awhile, listening to music, checking your email or calendar, then size here doesn’t make a particularly big difference. You can enjoy these activities with a 7-inch tablet, 9 inch tablet or a 10 inch tablet.

So, does size really matter? Well, it all depends on how you plan on using your tablet.


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